Whatsapp button without plugins to Woocommerce

Whatsapp button is searched by many people and on many occasions, they use a plugin for this purpose. But it is not the only way to put this  button, you can do it with a simple script, whatsapp button without plugins to Woocommerce:

The link

You must use a complete phone number, include the international code, besides an initial message. This link works to desktop and mobile because when you click, it opens an intermediate page that evaluates whether to open the WhatsApp app on your mobile or WhatsApp Web on your desktop.


Button design

If you know CSS, so you can design this link to your liking. We prefer green color in combination with white because those are the Whatsapp primary colors, besides we add an icon SVG.


Whatsapp button on the product page

You can put this button in any location, but in this example, we will put it below of product title. Remember put this code in your functions.php  of your active theme.



If you need to put this button in another position, you can change the priority:


If you have questions, only leave a comment.



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