Tips of the Plugin Woocommerce Shipping Price By Place

Hi!, due to the high traffic of this plugin, we will show how to take advantage of the functionalities through the filters that this plugin provides.

1. Change the settings values for default.

In the checkout page the plugin show the message “Choise zone1/zone2” and when there is not zones to show, the message is “There is not zone1/zone2”.


These are values for default, but you change them using the filter“woocommerce_shipping_gowoo_shiplace_{instance_id}_settings”, here a example:


2. Add atributte to fields of plugins

If you wish change some atributtes of the fields of plugins you can use the hook “gowoo_checkout_fields”. For example, if we want to add a class called “entry-field”.


3. Remove shipping method

If need remove this method because of some bussines rules, you need use the filter“woocommerce_shipping_gowoo_shiplace_{instance_id}_is_available”. For example, if the order total is great than 1000, then remove it.


4. Remove some payments methods when choose a place of this shipping method

Sometimes we need remove some payment method when do a action, in this case when we choose a place using this plugin. Woocommerce has a filter it can help us, it is called“woocommerce_available_payment_gateways”.

For example if want to remove “Cash on Delivery” when choose some place, then we must know the instance_id, the id of place and the code of payment method and this case the code is COD.

If you want to purchase this plugin, you can follow this links:

Download Plugin Demo

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